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I've seen Margarita for two sessions now and both times she blew me away! She was extremely warm, made sure I felt comfortable, and left the session open-ended to make sure I got what I wanted out of it. I went in to the first session curious and not knowing what to expect, and it was like nothing I had ever experienced! It was a combination of therapy, meditation, psychic reading, and reiki healing. She ended up helping me get through a block I had over a recent break-up, something that no amount of talking with friends and family had helped. In the second session, she helped me begin the physical and emotional healing process after a traumatic (in the true sense of the word) experience. During the sessions she also gave me visualization tools to use after the session whenever I encountered some of the issues we addressed. Both times I left feeling relaxed, empowered, and more in-touch with myself. I highly recommend Margarita! I will definitely be seeing her again!! -Carolyn Hampe

After every session with Margarita, I walk away feeling nurtured and enlightened. I always come to the session with things I’d like to work on whether they be physical, mental or spiritual. She listens intently with what I have to say (even when sometimes I don’t even know what I’m saying), and guides the session in a way that not only finds the answers I’m seeking but offers guidance on what my next steps might be, so that I can fully manifest for my wildest dreams. Margarita is a brilliant, intuitive, compassionate and LOVING (!!!) healer who I implicitly trust with my health and whole-being. -Quincey Krull

What a fabulous session! I've never, ever experienced the effects of acupuncture (and the moxa!) as much as I did in our session. I have felt for some time that I am on the precipice of wonderful life changes. Feeling the movement forward post our session was a welcome emotional release that has helped me so much in finding center and clarity. I am being sucked into the magic vortex of inevitable change. It's scary, exhilarating, and compulsively magnetic (moth to flame). I've long been in awe of the way you comport yourself in all situations. And now experiencing your healing energy, I feel so lucky for the path that put you in my orbit. -Molly Zeagler

Margarita I just want to say thank you and you really are in your calling, and you’re such an amazing healer and acupuncturist. I’ve seen a LOT of people at PCOM and otherwise, and you are truly gifted at this. I always benefit so much from your sessions!! Last night when I got hone I felt completely normal and healthy again, and I am so happy I feel fine today to enjoy my family -- thank you! -PCOM Client

When I mention the birth of my daughter, I always say Margarita's name! I was extremely grateful for the sense of calm she brought to me. From our initial email exchanges to her follow-up emails after the birth, Margarita provided great emotional and physical comfort to our family. After our first meeting, we felt so comfortable and trusted her completely. We literally cannot thank her enough for her help. She is warm, caring, smart, and above all she listened to our family's needs. We felt completely safe in Margarita's hands. We had so many questions(!), which she answered promptly and in depth. Margarita is extremely knowledgable and was able to help us prepare by explaining all our options, and teaching us different techniques. Her acupressure training came in super handy and her massages were amazing. We are so thankful for the information she provided us, and because of her we felt empowered. We unequivocally recommend Margarita. -Ana Lopez

When we first met Margarita, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She was warm, confident, supportive, and knowledgeable. Her background in Chinese medicine appealed to me, and I felt that the balance between Western and Eastern medicine would give me the best care. There was zero judgment from her about our decisions, and she supported our choices 100%. Margarita recommended diet and nutritional changes that the hospital later recommended, postpartum. Margarita had been ahead of them all! Margarita offered amazing support. Her knowledge of my condition and her confidence and trust in me that everything was going to be fine was what I needed to stay confident and focused. Her steadiness never wavered and that was a comfort to us. Margarita's use of acupressure and massage as well as breathing techniques were invaluable! They helped so much! Margarita was available any time to answer my questions and sent me emails with amazing resources. She even made me a foot soak for postpartum recovery. She was quick to respond and has been an amazing support. The best testimony to how great Margarita was though, came from my skeptical partner who said to me after, "That was such a great decision in hiring Margarita! She was amazing!" -Erin Hyde